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DELIVERY on Thursday only...

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DELIVERY on Thursday only...
DELIVERY on Thursday only! No collecting - paid thru auto deposit Pre-packaged flyers dropped at your door! PETAWAWA ROUTES PETAWAWA ROUTE 219 Deliver to homes on East St., Abbie Lane, Edward St., Bayshore Dr., Jan Dr., Victoria St. and Earl St. Monthly profit approximately $88.16 PETAWAWA ROUTE 226A Deliver to homes on Island View Dr., Alexandra St., North St., Albert St., Louise St., Tall Pines Rd. and Leopold St. Monthly profit approximately $40.30 CHALK RIVER ROUTES CHALK RIVER 1 Deliver to homes on George St., Bob Seguin Dr., Joseph St., Meeker St., Pine St., Wilson St. and Cook St. Monthly profit approximately $74.80 CHALK RIVER 2 Deliver to homes on Railway St., Church St., Dover Lane, Main St. and Station St. Monthly profit approximately $64.60 CHALK RIVER 5 Deliver to homes on Wilson St., Townline Rd., Legion St., Main St. and McCarthy St. Monthly profit approximately $62.54 CALL LISA 613-732-3691 EXT. 509257 Call anytime and leave a message. Please state which route you are applying for .
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